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2018 Call For Workshops

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2018 Affordable Housing and Community Development Conference

      The New York State Rural Housing Coalition, Inc. is issuing a call for workshops for the 2018 Affordable Housing and Rural Development Conference. The Conference has been the premiere annual training event for rural community development practitioners in New York since 1979.  The Coalition has successfully incorporated peer-led trainings, as well as professional presenters, into the conference experience in the past.

Subject Matter:  The Rural Housing Coalition seeks workshop proposals from qualified presenters on a variety of subjects related to the development and preservation of affordable housing in rural communities in New York, as well as other community development and community revitalization programs suitable for rural communities in New York State.  All content must have a goal of building the capacity of rural community development and housing professionals to undertake housing activities and community development projects, including development of affordable rental housing, preservation and rehabilitation of substandard single family homes, home ownership assistance programs and housing counseling, rental assistance, Main Street revitalization, public facilities financing or development, creative economic development financing and implementation, or inter-disciplinary collaboration.  A key element of the Conference is information sharing on innovative financing techniques or financial tools in support of community revitalization or affordable housing development. The Coalition is also interested in workshop trainings on organizational development, financial management, succession planning and staff recruiting, staff supervision and oversight, and other similar issues that impact non-profit sustainability.   All training content must reflect the unique challenges of working in the rural communities of New York State, including project scale, resource limitations, lack of infrastructure, and geographic isolation.

Venue:  The 2018 Affordable Housing and Community Development Conference location has not yet been formally selected, but likely will be held at a venue in Central New York.   This will allow all attendees to reach the facility easily.

Audience:  The audience for the Affordable Housing and Community Development Conference are non-profit and municipal affordable housing and  community development program and project operating and management staff, supplemented by housing consultants, property managers, tax credit syndicators, CPAs, mortgage lenders, CDFIs, philanthropy staff, healthy homes specialists, and engineering firms.

Workshop Format:  The Coalition’s Annual Conference traditionally takes place over a day and a half.  Every effort is made to organize the event in tracks based on subject matter or target audience.  Presenters are invited to suggest tracks, or to propose a series of workshops to complete an entire track.  The first day of the conference typically consists of four 90 minute workshops, separated by 15 minute coffee breaks and a 90 minute luncheon. Where appropriate, workshops may be combined to provide a longer session to accommodate more complex subject matter.  This model can work well if the content can be organized into 90 minute modules.

.  The second day usually consists of two 90 minute workshops separated by a 15 minute coffee break.  The second day of the conference concludes with the closing luncheon.  The Coalition sometimes includes a pre-conference day at the event for targeted full-day trainings leading to certification in a particular subject area.  These trainings often require attendees to pay additional tuition fees.

Form of Proposal:  Qualified presenters are invited to submit a proposal detailing  the issue or issues that the workshop is designed to resolve, a synopsis of the workshop content, listing of all anticipated presenters/co-presenters, and the target audience for the presentation.  Please include a list of materials and handouts for distribution to the audience, preferred classroom seating arrangement, needed equipment or materials for presentation purposes, and a line item budget detailing all expected costs.  Proposals for an entire training track are welcome and encouraged.

The Rural Housing Coalition respectfully requests that presenters refrain from using the workshop content as an opportunity for a sales pitch for their products or services. We encourage the use of networking opportunities throughout the conference for that kind of information sharing and connecting with our attendees.

To submit a workshop idea, or a formal proposal, please email the Coalition staff no later than February 29, 2018 at colin [at] ruralhousing [dot] org


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